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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

"[...] das bestens disponierte Vocalconsort Leipzig mit seinem ausgewogenen und runden Klang, seiner bestechenden Intonation und seiner vorbildlichen Sprachbehandlung [...]

[...] entstehen spannende neue Klangbilder altbekannter Stücke. Auch die Arrangements der Klavierwerke und der Duette und Lieder fügen sich im neuen Klangbild schlüssig in den Ablauf des Zyklus ein. Das Bläserquintett ensemble DiX und die Harfinistin Ellen Wegner begleiten den Chor umsichtig und inspiriert."
Chorzeit, Oktober 2017

Die Zerstörung Jerusalems

Ferdinand Hiller

"A brillantly homogeneous [...] choir, which, nevertheless, does not lack a great amount of temperament, despite all the lavishness a constant transparency, no impreciseness, no inaccurate entries, and very dramatic. That's how you approach a composition, when you would like to make it well-known again. [...] Everything is all right here: aspiration, realisation, and finally the singers' and instrumumentalists’ audible enthusiasm. [...] A worthy reanimation of Hiller that Gregor Meyer and his ensembles can, with good reason, be proud of."
MDR Figaro, 25 July 2012

"Hiller’s ‘Zerstörung Jerusalems’ is a valuable rediscovery. This work is on a similar level to the great oratorios by Felix Mendelssohn and closes a significant gap in the repertoire.", 25 June 2012

And we all shine on

Vocalconsort feat. Matthias Knoche und Ekky Meister

"Highly recommended."
Schweriner Volkszeitung, 2 August 2012

"The Vocalconsort is one of the most innovative ensembles in Leipzig, but a crossover-project in honour of Lennon's double anniversary 2010, taking place during the Jazz Festival as well, that is something one would nevertheless not have expecteted. Luckily, the gang recorded the whole thing afterwards, since „And we all shine on“ deserves to be delivered to posterity. It's enchanting how the 30 singers dab their harmonies under Matthias Knoches's expressive melodies in first class Vocal Pop style. […] A fantastic CD – by no means only suitable for Lennon fans"
Kreuzer Leipzig

Freut euch und jubilieret!

Geistliche Vokalmusik von Sethus Calvisius

"With the Vocalconsort Leipzig and the Ensemble Noema, Gregor Meyer dedicates himself to these compositions in an adequate way: The vocalists perform sound-oriented, the voices blend in the reverberant Wurzen Cathedral into a widespread approach. Liveliness and flexibility are predominant. […] broad and representative arrangements by Calvisius succeed as described very well […] Meyer and his ensembles emphasize an repertoire which will also deserve attention from interpreters and listeners in the future.", 31th January 2010

"... It is all the more remarkable, that, under the direction of Gregor Meyer, the Vocalconsort Leipzig recorded a CD with exclusively sacred vocal music by Sethus Calvisius together with the Ensemble Noema. The record with 20 German and Latin pieces is doubtless a real discovery on which flawless singing of the chamber choir is the icing on the cake. Definitely a buy recommendation and not only for lovers of late Renaissance music!"
Kreuzer Leipzig, 10/2009

Kumm bi de Nacht

Deutsche Volkslieder

"The recording certainly is musically rewarding […]. Thus, one can consider the album as a little journey through the musical eras from the 16th century until today. […] In doing so, the Vocalconsort turns out to be a first-class ensemble. The singers produce a weightless, soft sound, so that the pieces with their plainness and subtlety are shown from their best side."
Neue Chorzeit, October 2009

"The Vocalconsort Leipzig devotes itself to the folk song repertoire with an endearing briskness […]. Grasping joviality, but also tonal gentleness as well as convincing phrasing and articulation make these well-known melodies come alive. The atmospheric arrangements of conductor Gregor Meyer also provide variety [...]. The recording proves two different things, for one thing, that folk songs still can be up to date and touching, and for another thing, that this repertoire has enough potential to be turned into great art by excellent choirs like this one."
Chor und Konzert, 3/2009

"The ensemble impresses on this recording containing exclusively a-cappella pieces with its lively interpretation and its completely svelt and fresh sound […]. Thereby, with the well-chosen varied mixture of long-known and newly discovered songs, as well as artfully newly arranged pieces, there is never a dull moment. In short, a successful CD for all lovers of vocal music, for the ones who like to sing themselves as well as for all those who like to discover the richness of German songs."
Musik in Sachsen, 2/2009

Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Das geistliche Chorwerk

"An outstanding recording from Leipzig"
Karg-Elert Archiv England, Newsletter May 2009

"...precious jewels!"
Operapoint, 3/2009

"… a remarkable recording. […] The choirs' perfect voice-leading is refreshing and enables the realisation of the highly romantic sound without inappropriate pathos. The often allegedly expressive vibrato made way for a relatively plain sound, expressive in all texts and dynamics variations. […] absolutely worth hearing!"
Musik & Kirche 1-2/2009

"Reference recording! […] The performance of the choral works by the Gewandhauschoir and the Vocalconsort Leipzig is characterized by a smooth and vocally balanced sound, both with instruments and a-cappella, that can also soar to energetic vitality whenever needed."
organ – Journal für die Orgel, 4/2008

"... the whole sacred choral work […] is wonderful. Karg-Elert did not write a single note too much, and Gregor Meyer, with his Leipzig singers, puts each of them on a pedestal."
Leipziger Volkszeitung, 28.11.2008


Advents- und Weihnachtsliedsätze im zeitlichen Wandel

„The Vocalconsort Leipzig has become very important in the Saxon choir scene over the past few years. Characteristic of the ensemble's work under the direction of Gregor Meyer, the new conductor of the Gewandhauschoir, is not only an interesting repertoire with its highly praised, unified and airy sound, but also the recurring cooperation with renowned artists. Meanwhile, concerts together with the award-winning organist Johannes Unger […] are an important part of the work. Moreover, the ensemble and the organist can be heard on a Christmas CD […]. Altogether, a program that, in terms of conception and interpretation, creates Christmas sound in a worthy manner. By the way, „Frohlocket!“ is the debut album of the Vocalconsort – a completely successful start for the ensemble.“ 
Musik in Sachsen