Freut euch und jubilieret!

Geistliche Vokalmusik von Sethus Calvisius

Vocalconsort Leipzig
Ensemble Noema Leipzig
Gregor Meyer - director 

Querstand 2009 

Only the name of a street in the Leipzig district Lindenau still reminds us of the musical director of the Thomanerchoir Sethus Calvisius (1556-1615). Although he is more renowned as a music theorist and chronologist, we are indebted to him for a variety of compositions of different genres and settings. All his works, however, use the onomatopoetic style of composition in an especially richly colored manner, which came into vogue between the Renaissance and Baroque period. 

The objectives of this CD, which was recorded together with the ensemble NOEMA in the cathedral of Wurzen in 2009, are to revive this music, which has been fading more and more into obscurity in the course of the centuries, and to close a big gap in the Leipzig musical scene. 

It contains almost exclusively first recordings, such as parts of the comprehensive collection of cantional settings „Harmonia cantionum ecclesiasticarum“, as well as sacred motets, tricinia and the impressive musical version of Psalm 150 for three choirs. 

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04 - Freut euch und jubelieret

07 - In dulci jubilo

09 - Das alte Jahr vergangen ist

12 - Heut triumphieret Gottes Sohn

14 - Zion spricht Der Herr hat mich verlassen

15 - Mitten wir im Leben sind

16 - Unser Leben währet

20 - Der 150. Psalm