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Advents- und Weihnachtsliedsätze im zeitlichen Wandel

Vocalconsort Leipzig
Gregor Meyer - director
Dieter Bellmann - narrator
Johannes Unger - organist

Querstand 2007

Christmas is a festival of multifarious facets. It is exciting to see how the Christmas traditions change within art and culture. This CD shows how diversely the Nativity has been arranged by different composers over the years. It is a collection of Advent and Christmas songs: renowned, popular, famous songs. However, the transcriptions and arrangements of these songs, each of them telling a little Christmas story, are quite rare.

Three of the composers featured on this CD can be heard not only through their music but also through letters, in which they reflect Christmas emotions and experiences in a variety of ways. These letters, read out by the great Leipzig actor Dieter Bellmann, tell us about the bustling preparations in the room where Christmas is celebrated, about the excitement, the presents, and are, at the same time, testimonials of reflection and atmospheric peace. 

Thus, the present CD wishes to invite you to enjoy Christmas, but also to listen, to reflect, and to relax. 

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02 - Mendelssohn - Frohlocket ihr Völker

04 - Johannes Muntschick - Wir sagen euch an

05 - Günter Raphael - Adventskyrie

06 - Johann Crüger - Wie soll ich dich empfangen

07 - Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

18 - Peter Cornelius - Drei Kön'ge

21 - Gregor Meyer - Stille Nacht