Kumm bi de Nacht

Deutsche Volkslieder

Vocalconsort Leipzig
Gregor Meyer - director

Querstand 2008


What is a German folk song? Almost forgotten in private life, folk songs nevertheless play an important part in the repertoire of choirs and singing clubs - folk songs are cultural assets. With enthusiasm and without claiming to be exhaustive, the Vocalconsort Leipzig attempts, with its latest recording, to demonstrate the range of German folk songs 

The listener can look forward to a cross sectional selection through the centuries, from originally medieval tunes through love songs of the Renaissance up to the heyday of folk song culture in the Romantic period and in the late 19th century. Besides well-known arrangements like Mendelssohn's „Abschied vom Walde“ and Reger's „Liebchens Bote“, one also finds less known contemporary settings of poems by Jürgen Golle and Johannes Muntschick in the program. 

On this CD, recorded exclusively a cappella, there is never a dull moment with its mixture of lively dance tunes, longing love songs and devout evening songs. One also discovers again and again artful new arrangements of renowned melodies. 

In short, a CD for all fans of vocal music, all those who like to sing themselves as well as all those who would like to be surprised by the wealth of German folk songs. 

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You can order the CD for 15 € (plus shipping) by contacting vorstand@vocalconsort-leipzig.de 

01 - Johannes Muntschick - Wohl an die Zeit ist kommen

03 - Volker Wangenheim - Es geht ein dunkle Wolk

04 - Gregor Meyer - Der Lindenbaum

09 - Johannes Muntschick - Und in dem Schneegebirge

11 - Johannes Muntschick - Schwesterlein

15 - Volker Wangenheim - All mein Gedanken

18 - Gregor Meyer - Sandmännchen

19 - Johannes Muntschick - Müde bin ich, geh zur Ruh