Schweriner Zeitung

 Shining sounds. […] The audience in Parchim enthusiastically applauded Vocalconsort Leipzig's unique concert staging Lennon-songs in yet unheard arrangements for choir. Skills, arrangements and the singers' richness in sound was truly fantastic. From soft pianissimo to strong forte the choir skillfully demonstrated extreme ranges – genuine high class choir performance. […] The ensemble, directed by Gregor Meyer, performed the Lennon-songs expressively and thus enchanted the audience […]. This concert left a lasting impression and was honoured by frenetic and well deserved applause.

Palestrina's famous mass for pope Marcellus is a balancing act for all interpreters. Harsh sounds, sharp accents and abrupt changes in volume might contort the piece and turn it into it's own caricature. On the other hand it can be hard not to kill it with beauty. The choir Vocalconsort Leipzig and it's conductor Gregor Meyer gracefully managed to keep the balance when performing in Trier, Liebfrauenkirche. Palestrina's mass had exactly the gentle and soft flowing pace that makes it so characteristic. […] As for the music of Frank Martin: whether it withdraws itself almost completely from the ears of the audience or emphatically erupts – the ensemble skillfully shows all the different layers of this composition. […] The vast audience attending the concert in Liebfrauenkirche was exalted and honoured the performance with standing ovations.