Kumm bi de Nacht


Vocalconsort Leipzig
Gregor Meyer - conductor

Where and what is German folk music? Mostly forgotten in the context of private life, it still plays an important role in countless choirs and singing societies. German folk songs belong to the culture of this country. Joyfully and without claiming completeness, Vocalconsort Leipzig tries to show the whole variety of German folk songs on their new CD.

The listener will dive into a cross-section of the centuries, starting with tunes of the middle-ages, continuing with renaissance love songs and arriving at the peak of folk song culture in romanticism and the late 19th century. Next to demanding compositions by Mendelssohn („Abschied vom Walde“) and Reger („Liebchens Bote“), the CD also contains up-and-coming contemporary arrangements by Jürgen Golle and Johannes Muntschick.

This recording of a-capella songs will take the listener on a journey through different styles and emotions, from lively dance songs to yearning love songs and reverent evensongs. In short, it is the perfect CD for all friends of vocal music – those who like to sing themselves and those who enjoy being surprised by the vast variety of german folk songs.