Calvisius – Be joyful and rejoice


Vocalconsort Leipzig
Ensemble Noema Leipzig
Gregor Meyer - Conductor

Only the name of a street in Leipzig Lindenau reminds us nowadays of the former choirmaster of St. Thomas, Sethus Calvisius (1556-1615). Being well-known as a music theorist and for chronology, he is also the composer of several music pieces of different genres and styles and for various musical instruments. Composed in the times of transition from renaissance to baroque, his oevre is colourful and rich in images and sound.

This recording aims to fill the gap that was created when Calvisius' music fell into oblivion for centuries. The CD was recorded in spring 2009 in the cathedral of Wurzen and in cooperation with ensemble NOEMA.

It contains almost exclusively first recordings of pieces like „Harmonia contionum ecclesiasticarum“, religious motets, Tricines and the impressive version of psalm 150 for three choirs.