And we all shine on – John Lennon Tribute


Matthias Knoche – Vocals
Ekky Meister – Piano
Vocalconsort Leipzig
Gregor Meyer – Conductor


„Ingenious and subtle arragements, brilliant piano-playing, skilled jazz voices and – at the heart of it all – a choir, whose glorious brightness sends shivers down the spines of the spectators!“ This is how Friedemann Richter from Jazzclub Leipzig reviews the latest CD of Vocalconsort Leipzig.

Gregor Meyer, Matthias Knoche and Christoph Küstner rearragend eleven songs by Lennon, like „Julia“, „The Walrus“, „Happiness Is a Warm Gun“ and of course „Imagine“ as jazz versions for choir, solo voices and piano – definitely a challenge, especially considering that Lennon saw his own music as „anti-jazz“. No wonder he has not been popular in the jazz world thus far. This CD, which was preceded by a very successful concert forming the grand finale of the 34th Leipzig Jazz Festival, aims to fill this gap.

The album, containing eleven vibrant and very special crossover John-Lennon-songs, knows to grip the listeners' attention immediately and appeals not only in acoustic but also in optical ways.